Friday, December 30, 2016

What's For Dinner: Homemade Beef Stew

My daughter-in-law requested my homemade beef stew. Which I was happy to oblige.

After decades of making beef stew with a recipe, this is one is "make up as I go". I have no written recipe, portions or ingredients. I use what is available in the house.

My family tells me they love it. I'm glad that they do.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Loving These Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads!

Loving these Wilma Schumann Skincare Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads sample from my Birchbox. Easy to apply. Just leave on for 20 minutes.

The results are wonderful! I'm definitely going to be placing an order for these eye pads!

Christmas Day at Our House

This year we scaled back on the Christmas gifts for the adults. Christmas, at our house, was all about the kids! I'm so glad we decided to do a little tree this year. Everyone really liked the decorations.

No early wakeups. The kids opened their gifts around 11 am. It gave me plenty of time to make breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The girls received new pajamas. A traditional Christmas gift when I was growing up.

Gaia wore her new thermal pajamas from Old Navy. Everyone thought she looked adorable in them.

Another wonderful Christmas day in the Berry-Morin house.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Looks Like Gaia Couldn't Stay Awake Till The End of The Game

Our youngest granddaughter loves spending time with her Paw-Paw watching football games. Looks like our little one couldn't stay awake till the third quarter!

Dollar Tree Christmas Stocking

I've been thinking about purchasing my granddaughters' personalized Christmas stocking when I saw stockings at Dollar Tree Store. A light bulb went off so I bought 2.

When I got home, I pulled out my gold glitter glue, wrote each of their names on them. Then I let them dry for 24 hours before hanging them up!

Icing and Decorating Sugar Cookies With My Granddaughter

Last night, I baked a batch of homemade sugar cookies. I love baking! Especially this time of year!

Our oldest granddaughter joined me in the icing and decorating. We had a great time chatting while finishing our yummy creations.

I made the cookie icing from scratch. Just a cup of confectionery sugar and 3-4 teaspoons of water. P.S. I ended up adding more sugar because the texture wasn't to my liking.

After allowing the icing to set, it was time to add some color! I decorated with gold sprinkles while our granddaughter used the pink sprinkles her cookies.

The family loved the cookies. Only 2 of them mentioned missing the butter taste.
I'm so glad I made plenty of cookies. We gave several to the neighbors, who quickly gobbled them up.

By the way, I use a butter recipe. I found this sugar cookie recipe at Country Crock website using margarine.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gaia Has Turned 9 Months Old This Month!

Our granddaughter, Gaia is now 9 months old!

She's crawling with great speed. Cruising around the furniture. And even take a few steps without assistance!

Her personality is continuing to blossom. She smiles, laughs and talks with delight.

Our little girl is even waving bye-bye.

It's been a joy watching her grow this month!

Check Out These Adorable Christmas People Ornaments

Hubby and I decided to take a walk through Target's Christmas section. I'm so glad I did because I found these adorable people ornaments. This gal just had to have them. At $3.99 each I quickly added them to the cart! They look great on our Christmas tree.

We're Ready For Christmas 2016

Go Curvy Season 4 Episode 3

Thank you, Sherry Lee for featuring me on Go Curvy!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gaia's Outfit of the Day!

I even have our littlest member of the family sharing her outfit of the day!

Outfit of the Day! Le Tote

Inspired by my Cece Sportswear Bow top from Le Tote fashion subscription box I put this outfit together. I added my Kensie dark blue jeggings from Le Tote, Merona black MaryJane heels from Target, brown satchel handbag from Ross for daytime and art deco-inspired clutch also from Le Tote for evening.

Just another fun and affordable outfit from my wardrobe!

Darby Smart Subscription Box Has Arrived! "Cookies"!

I love to bake so when I opened my first Darby Smart subscription box I was beyond thrilled!

The family requested that I bake the sugar cookies that night. So out came the KitchenAid mixer, spatula, baking sheet and parchment paper!

If you're not in the mood to make sugar cookies from scratch I highly recommend food stirs cookie mix brands. Prep was quick and easy. The final results: delish! No GMOs!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Our Second Grade Student Loves Attending Connections Academy

Language Arts: My granddaughter and are learning about plural and singular nouns!

We love that our granddaughter attends Connections Academy! The school supplies the student with a computer, books and supplies.

We took our office, added a small desk and chair for our computer, decorated the closet doors with classroom monthly themes and learning posters.

Here's our very happy second grade student! We're so proud of her. She even looks forward to live lessons.

Look Who Turned 8 Months Old!

Our precious granddaughter, Gaia, has turned 8 months old. She's mobile so I had to wait till she fell asleep to take this photo. "Love you, Gigi"! g

Thank You, Go Curvy! #WomanoftheWeek

I'm wicked thrilled to be Go Curvy's Woman of the Week. I've been a Go Curvy fan 5 years or more. I looked forward to tweeting during the live episodes.

I was even an outfit of the day fashion contributor for a season. That was great fun! I was able to style affordable outfits each week.

Watch Season 4 and previous episodes at Go Curvy website.

I Love Receiving Birchbox Subscription Box!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

#WhatsForDinner Pork Stew

No written or oral recipe for the dish. I just added fresh chopped vegetables that would compliment pork. Organic butternut squash, sweet potato, and carrots were uniformly chopped. I then cut the pork into similar sizes to the veggies.

The next step was to layer each vegetable in the Dutch oven evenly based on cooking time. Sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, and pork. (I did roast the butternut squash for 30 minutes prior to added it to the dish) Just salt and pepper each layer. Eyeballed the level of water to 1/4 full.

I turned the oven temperature to 350 degrees. Set the kitchen timer to 1 hour. (our old oven runs hot)

Oh! I did add fresh green beans at the final 5 minutes of cooking. Let the Dutch oven sit on the counter for a 30 minutes with the top on.

A delicious meal for the whole family!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Outfit of the Day: Le Tote Vince Camuto Fan Graphic Pink White Top

My Le Tote fashion subscription box arrived this week full of yummy items! The Vince Camuto Fan graphic pink, white top inspired this look.

I added my Old Navy boyfriend jeans, Target Merona Mary Jane heels and a colorful necklace and bracelet from Le Tote box.

A fun, colorful outfit to celebrate the last warm day in Las Vegas!

Thank You E. For My New Wig

My daughter-in-law and I stopped by Beauty Supply Warehouse to try on wigs this week. It was wicked fun. I was able to try styles I would have never purchased online.

The winner was China, Motown Tress F4/27. I love her long straight length and the color blend. She's going to keep my head warm and fashionable this fall and winter.

Thank you E. for this generous gift.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans' Day: Thank You For Your Service

It's Veterans' Day. Thank you, hubby, Pops and Grandpa Joe for your service to our country!

I found these cute printables at Teachers Pay Teachers website for free. I really enjoyed coloring them. Aren't they cute?

Wall Street Journal: A New Style of Baby Talk

Thank you to Elisabeth Holmes, Wall Street Journal, for asking me to be part of "A New Style of Baby Talk" article. I had a great time participating. I guess you just never really know who's reading your tweets!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It's Election Day 2106 In Our House!

I decided that I would turn our yearly Thanksgiving dinner choice into a teaching moment for our oldest granddaughter. I found this cute election printables on Pinterest. Thank you Dab A Bit Of Glue for providing them.

The ballots listed 2 food options: Chinese takeout and American cuisine. American cuisine. The poll opened around 9 am this morning. My husband and son took advantage of early voting to case their votes.

I closed the poll at 3PM PST. At 4:30PM PST, the results were announced. Chinese take out had 4 votes and American cuisine had 1. We will be having Chinese take out for Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Our precious Gaia provided the results through a translator!

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