Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day weekend started with a visit to the San Gennaro Feast. Hubby and I took our oldest granddaughter.

We went on the Ferris wheel, took photos and I realized that I suffer from heights!

We took time to enjoy amazing funnel cakes, fried corn dogs, and other delicious carnival foods. Neveah was shocked how yummy the food was.

There was a variety of food vendors at the festival. Mexican, Hawaiian, BBQ, and of course Italian were very popular.

As usual, the prices were high. We stuck to our budget but left full.

Nevaeh had so much on the rides. But she expecially enjoyed the petting zoo and pony ride.

The goats, calf and chickens were my favortie. The little piglet won all of our hearts!

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Becky L. said...

What a fun Mother's Day out for you and your granddaughter. Glad she enjoyed all the rides and food and being spoiled by her new grandparents. Precious and fun!

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