Thursday, May 05, 2016

Le Tote Fashion Subscription Service: French Connection Polly Plains Sleeveless Top

Our weather has been all over the place. 90+ one day, the next in the 60s! When the Le Tote subscription box arrived, I was so pleased to see the French Connection Polly Plains Pink Sleeveless Top.

I paired it with this gorgeous necklace, a pair of jeggings and sandals on a warm day. The next day, I added a jacket.

I'll definitely have to add it back to my virtual closet.


Linda said...

Rona, Happy Mothers Day to you!
You are looking very trim these days. Do you mind sharing what you typically eat in a day to achieve this slender look? I'm in need of some encouragement. Many thanks:)

Rona Berry-Morin said...

Breakfast: fruit, toast, coffee Lunch: Wrap sandwich can be chicken, lean steak or pork with fresh sauteed vegetable Dinner: grilled chicken, loads of veggies. Snacks can be fruit, vegetables, crackers or toast.

On the weekends, I'll treat myself to a dessert.

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