Friday, August 26, 2016

Baby Outfit of the Day!

It's still wicked hot in Las Vegas so Gaia's outfit has to be comfortable and stylish! That's Grand's orders!

She's wearing one of my favorite thredUP selections, a Carter polka dot summer dress. I only paid $7.99 for it!

The 3-6 month Old Navy sandals were purchased during one of their major sales! The color and quality are perfect for our fashionista-in-training!

Old Navy is my favorite stores for purchasing baby and kid clothes! Great prices, selections and quality.

The Baby Doulia bib was purchased in a set from Amazon. I love the funky designs and colors. The material absorbs Miss G.'s drool and keeps her looking stylish.

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Becky L. said...

Sweet little baby girl. Yes I enjoy buying clothes for my grandchildren. So many choices and sometimes I cannot find what I'd like to have for them. I'll be getting fall clothes soon. It's been mid 90s here for a few days. Out late afternoon forvan outdoor wedding. Thankful for light cloud cover so it wasn't so hot. Cooler tomorrow by 10 degrees. Happy weekend!

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