Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Nevaeh Is Enrolled In Connections Academy

Our oldest granddaughter, Nevaeh, started second grade at the online school, Connections Academy. After a full month, we have noticed that she is becoming more in love with learning! We're thrilled beyond belief.

Nevaeh is watching a video about subtraction. She really enjoys the video instructions.

She comes to our house for school each day. Times vary depending on live lessons, her schedule and appointments. Sometimes we'll have school on a weekend day. I like to take time to visit the park or attend an event.

Letter tiles, supplied by the school, help enforce spelling and sentence structure.

The office has been turned into her classroom so that she won't have any distractions.

Sometimes her family and grandfather will stop by for a visit or to observe a lesson.

Who knew that I would be homeschooling again after so many years?! I really am enjoying this experience.

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