Thursday, October 20, 2016

Recently I Suffered A Bad Fall

It happened in this order. I was heating up the baby's bottle when I felt a bit weird. Next, I was on the kitchen floor. My husband, son and daughter-in-law said they heard 2 thuds. That would explain the pain I have in my neck, head and back!

My current morning routine is trying to walk, loosen up, endure the muscle spasms and additional pain from the fall. An emotional, physical task.

Out came the heating pad and TENS unit. I take a hot shower in the afternoon and before bed to help with the swelling.

If I'm lucky, I'm still awake when my husband comes home. He will give me a much needed soft shoulder and back massage.

Sleeping has been an issue but now it's worst.

During the day, simple tasks are difficult because I'm wicked uncomfortable! Thank goodness the kids have moved in. They've been a great help.

Being a long time chronic pain sufferer, I know that this is a process. My pain will continue to get worst before it gets better. I just have to keep moving forward and ride it out!

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Linda said...

You are a wonderful woman who I'm praying for. I have enjoyed reading your sweet blog for a while. Do what you need to do to take of yourself.

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