Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chronic Pain: Sometimes I Just Want Kick Her Out Of My Life!

Yes, despite living with Chronic Pain for over a decade I occasionally I just want to kick her out of my life!

I'm still recovering from a terrible pain flare-up that began over the weekend. And it was a brutal one.

This one managed to put my whole body into several muscle spasms which lead to a severe headache. I couldn't and didn't want to eat. Which made my symptoms worst.

Instead of being wicked happy and relieved, it appears all the stress over the baby and my daughter-in-law took a negative toll on my health and wellness.

During these episodes, it's best that I retire to bed, take a tranquilizer and allow 'my body to relax' for 24 hours!

Just another friendly reminder to take time out of each day to meditate and practice breathing exercises. "Always take care of my wellness"!

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