Wednesday, September 07, 2016

We'll Miss You John McLaughlin

I've been a fan of "McLaughlin Group" for over 30 years. I started watching it in my 20s. Every Sunday, a group of political enlighten friends would get together, over coffee and do our version of the show. I still can remember Scott Titcomb turn his chair in my direction and say, "Eleanor"!

As the decades went by I shared my love of "McLaughlin Group" with my husband. He quickly became a fan of the show.

Our son grew up referring to Mr. McLaughlin, the old guy with all of the opinions.

In our family, Mr. McLaughlin became part of the family. We will truly miss his sign-off. Especially during Thanksgiving. "Gobble. Gobble."

Sunday, September 04, 2016

#WhatsForLunch Reuben Sandwich

It's been a long time since I made our son a homemade Reuben sandwich. First of all, he doesn't live here anymore. Second, I keep forgetting that I have a panini maker!

No more excuses! We picked up the ingredients, pastrami, cole slaw and swiss cheese at the grocery store. I dusted off the panini maker and waited till our son came over!

He had a delicious homemade Reuben sandwich for lunch today!

Fun with Avon Press On Nails!

I saw an Avon catalog at the community center and decided to give it a quick browse. That's when I saw these press-on nails on sale for $3.99 24-ct box.

I've tried press-on nails over the years but haven't had good luck. Either the colors and designs didn't appeal to me or the quality was poor! Who wants to be eating a delicious steak and have a nail fall on their plate?!

Great colors, design and quality. These will definitely be my go-to when I'm between manicures!

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